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Frequently asked questions about atamé products and applications

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to write to us via the contact form or to info@atame-cosmetic.de

I have mixed skin. Which atamé product is right for me?

For mixed skin, we recommend using the Skin Care Tonic Sensitive in the morning, followed by the Aloe Vera Gel "Plus" and, after 5-10 minutes, the Vitamin Hyaluron 24h Cream or the Super Sensitive Cream.

My five-year-old daughter has neurodermatitis. Can I use Atamé products on her, and which products are best?

Ja, die atamé-Produkte sind für jede Altersgruppe geeignet. Wir empfehlen morgens die Anwendung von Aloe Vera Lotion Plus. Am Abend ist eine Anwendung mit Hautpflege Tonic Sensitive(50% Tonic+50 % abgekochtes Wasser, nach dem Erkalten) zu empfehlen. Bitte fragen Sie jedoch immer ihren Kinderarzt und Dermatologen. Nur diese kennen die individuellen Probleme der Haut Ihres Kindes.

How do I apply atamé tonics correctly?

For the correct application of our tonics, we have put together illustrations and application descriptions for face and body regions. You can find these descriptions here

What do tonics do?

Tonics deeply cleanse, relieve, and help regulate the skin's acid mantle, making it more ready to absorb other skin care products.

when to use the Tonic?

The tonic should be used in the morning and eveningt werden

Are the atamè tonics fragrance-free?


Do I need to rinse my face after using the tonic?

No, you do not need to rinse your face, just be sure that the tonic is completely absorbed into the skin.

Why do I have to wait a few minutes after applying the tonic before applying the next step of the treatment?

The tonic must first be properly absorbed into the skin so that the skin can be able to assimilate the next care product, otherwise it cannot be effective..

How do the tonics work when used regularly?

The regular use of atamé tonics stabilizes and strengthens the skin..

Can I get a skin reaction after using the tonic?

Yes, it can cause a short-term skin reaction due to slightly increased metabolic activation.

On which parts of the body can I apply the tonics?

All over the body

Why do the tonics contain alcohol?

Each tonic contains special complexes of active ingredients that are dissolved in ethanol to deliver their benefits.

Why do I need to cleanse the skin with tonic-soaked cotton wool until the cotton wool is white?

It is recommended to cleanse the skin gently and long enough to allow the tonics to fully work effectively.

How many times can I use the Vitamin Herbal Mask?

The Vitamin Herbal Mask can be used 1-2 times per week.

How do I apply the Vitamin and Herbal Mask?

Apply the Vitamin and Herbal Mask to cleansed skin and remove with a tissue after 10 minutes or less.

What does the Vitamin and Herbal Mask do?

The Vitamin and Herbal Mask nourishes, moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin..

What do atamé Hautpflege products do?

Atamé products provide the skin with the most needed nourishment and active ingredients.

What is the Aloe Vera wash and Clean Lotion perfect for?

The Aloe Vera Wash and Clean Lotion is perfect for skin that does not tolerate cleansing products and for skin prone to allergies.

What do atamé creams do?

The creams provide the skin with the necessary care and active ingredients.

What is the pH value of Atamé products?

The pH value is between 5.3-5.6.

For which skin type are the Atamé products suitable?

There is something for every skin type.

Do atamé products contain PFAS?

No, atamé products do not contain any per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

After how many weeks of use do I notice a difference than before?

Depending on the type of skin, you will notice an improvement on the skin's texture after 1-2 weeks.

Does the atamé brand come from Germany?


How long has atamé been on the market?

The brand has been launched in 1968.

What does atamé mean?

It is a high-quality health cosmetic based on natural ingredients.