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Peeling Emulsion

Normal, sensitive, dry, demanding skin


Defense shAMPOO

Dry, flaky, sensitive, stressed, and tired?
Our product also doubles as a great hand and foot bath!



Health care cosmetics - from head to toe

 For more than 50 years, more and more people have been placing their confidence in atamé health care cosmetics. Many natural active ingredients that were hidden for a long time, have now been rediscovered and can be found in the formulations of our skin-friendly and ultra-effective products. atamé products contain unique complexes of active ingredients from pure natural skin-effective herbal and plant extracts, which soothe and smooth the skin texture as well as reconstruct and restore the cells. atamé products – for the whole family, skin care from head to toe – are suitable for all skin types, including normal skin and, as a particular concept of treatment for problem skin.

 Atamé products are free of: parabens – mineral oils – petroleum components – hormones – PEG emulsifiers and formaldehyde releasers. No animal testing!

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Tonic Anwendungsanleitung Kosmetik

Step-by-step instructions for atamé tonics
For the correct use of our tonics,
we have compiled an application description for you

Now available as a downloadable PDF.

Atame products are free of:

parabens, minerail oil, petroleum components, hormones


Parabens, minarail oil, petroleum components, hormones,PEG emulsifiers and formaldehyde releasers